Automatism - #105

By Yazid

Background image: #331


License: CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

Feature   *Floor
1/33 of Color Palette: Cave (7.75%)  
1/43 of Directional Influence: Radial (10.09%)  
1/121 of Margin: Thin (28.4%)  
1/160 of Stroke Variance: Varied (37.56%)  
1/171 of Stroke Size: Thicc (40.14%)  
1/220 of Proximity: Relaxed (51.64%)  
1/322 of Finishing: Rough (75.59%)  
1/398 of Stoic Strokes: false (93.43%)  

Absolute rarity: 0.012210995981460590412149%
Filtered rarity: 0.0122109959814606%
Average rarity: 43.08%
Rank: 204/426

A quick note about floor prices: Floor prices are an experimental feature, they are delayed by about two hours, don't include bundles or decreasing prices over time. When in doubt always check OpenSea for the latest figures.

Doubly so around drop times.

Features marked with ⚠️ are "Spread Features", these are when the range of values is too wide to be considered useful.

Absolute rarity includes all the features, including the ⚠️ spread ones. Filtered rarity excludes the ⚠️ spread features, as does the average rarity.

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