Beauty of Skateboarding


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Discovered: 258 of 1024 (25.20%)

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Price 0.100Ξ   (Total: 25.80Ξ)
#0 minted Tuesday, November 2nd 2021, 1:00:20 am
#2 minted Tuesday, November 2nd 2021, 1:05:49 am

Style2: Tubes

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A quick note about floor prices: Floor prices are an experimental feature, they are delayed by about two hours, don't include bundles or decreasing prices over time. Sometimes they get stuck, and sometimes they are negative (now that's an interesting bug). When in doubt always check OpenSea for the latest figures.

Doubly so around drop times.

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License: NIFTY

Absolute rarity: 0.000011730410174445369303%
Filtered rarity: 0.0000117304101744%
Average rarity: 16.83%

License: NIFTY


Absolute rarity: 0.000289698024735177573491%
Filtered rarity: 0.0002896980247352%
Average rarity: 21.21%

License: NIFTY

Absolute rarity: 0.002743690850583781811606%
Filtered rarity: 0.0027436908505838%
Average rarity: 25.53%

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