Where I'll update the latest changes if I remember


Version 0.2.04


ArtBlocks has changed the way features work in the API. While has been updated to consume the new format, artists have had to go back and update and sometimes slightly change features on older projects. At the same time OpenSea has also gone back and refreshed all the date, which means the links on don't always work.

I am going to refresh the whole or over the next week to the latest features format, during this time some features may be wrong or some links may not work properly. I'll remove the notice from the top of the site when the process has been completed


Version 0.2.03


Added sorting by Floor to projects and features.

So, now you can sort by lowest price to highest, although I must admit I've done this to help me with some debugging. In a couple of projects, I'm looking at you Genesis and Construction Token, some prices have gotten stuck, and I need to work out why.

But, I also needed an easy way to find the ones with the stuck low prices, and so here we are, with the ability to sort by price.

Hopefully the next update will be unsticking those prices!


Version 0.2.02


Added filtering and sorting options to the home page.

These are about as complicated as I want to get for the site. Otherwise we start going down the rabbit hole of a React or Vue web-app and I'm trying to keep this as JavaScript free as possible.


Version 0.2.01


Added a "Buy Now" filter to the mints shown at the bottom of a project page, and a project's feature page. Note: this is still an experimental feature, which can be up to two hours out of date.

I added this because while you can sort by low to high on OpenSea (and you should), I wanted to be able to sort by rarity here and see which ones were for sale, which you can't do on OpenSea.

Because there's a lag in data, you should look at OpenSea for the latest prices, and look at ArtBlocks to make sure the features are as expected. Rarity.Guide is just that, a guide, you should always do research.

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