A little bit about rarity.guide

About rarity.guide

rarity.guide started almost as a joke; not even halfway through a drop, someone would pop into the Art Blocks discord chat asking, "is there a rarity guide yet?"

I also enjoyed the process of keeping an eye out for new features and traits appearing as a drop progressed, so I figured it'd be fun to have a site that did just that, tracking the features as they happen.

This site isn't quite that, but it's close.

When a curated drop goes down, it often goes down fast. This site isn't a real-time tracker, but it is close.

I also often had trouble jumping between Art Blocks and OpenSea, searching for different features. It usually involved a lot of cutting and pasting numbers from one URL to another, and I wanted an easier way to get from AB to OS.

This site also isn't quite that, but it's close.


What this site is though, is a rarity tracker of sorts, but it isn't as real-time as you'd want it to be for reasons I'll explain in a moment.

This site uses the OpenSea API to detect new pieces being minted and then uses the Art Blocks API to get information about that piece.

However, it's often the case that for dull technical timing reasons, the features aren't in the API until a short while after the minting has taken place. For even more dull blockchain reasons, it's entirely possible that those features are part of an epic battle between the system's decentralised nature and the features that first end up in the API are not the ones that ultimately win that battle.

For this reason, this site prioritises refreshing tokens that don't have features or may have the wrong features over fetching new tokens. Which is one reason why it lags behind a drop as it happens. It would rather be slow and correct than quick and wrong.

Once a drop is complete, the system then goes back to refresh the whole lot all over again.

Which is a long way of saying...

Don't trust the data until it's finished, twice

Please do not use this site to try and get the jump on spotting those super rare "1 off" pieces because the numbers will invariably be off. I cover this more in the FAQ.

But please do use this site for getting a feel for the "shape" of the data while a drop is going on and for exploring the data once the final tally is done.

What this site isn't

This site isn't a replacement for all the other sites that do similar things but rather a companion.

rarity.studio is still a good place to get ranking, when they've updated. Filter Blocks is a great way to drill down into features and traits that you can't do on this site. OpenSea is used for figuring out prices, and CryptoSlam for, well, probably something.

I try to add links to that site where it makes sense to make it easier to cross-reference.

This site does show the rarest features, but it doesn't attempt to do any advanced statistical analysis on those numbers to put them into any form of ranking beyond listing the "rarest" features.

As always, at the end of the day, you should buy art that you like the look of if you manage to snag something a bit rarer than the usual, then more power to you.

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